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  • Are environmental toxins reducing men`s fertility?

    In a study that signals potential reproductive and health complications in humans, now and for future generations, researchers from McGill University, the University of Pretoria, Université Laval, Aarhus University, and the University of Copenhagen, have concluded that fathers exposed to environmental toxins, notably DDT, may produce sperm with health consequences for their children.

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  • Stages of an Erection and Managing Common Problems

    Erections happen in stages with the penis, starting soft and becoming gradually harder until it stands outward or upward. This happens most often in response to sexual arousal but can sometimes occur for no reason at all (particularly during puberty and the teen years). Erections can go away after ejaculation or on their own.

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  • Fibroblasts in the penis are more important for erectile function than previously thought

    Regular erections could be important for maintaining erectile function, according to a new study on mice published in Science by researchers at Karolinska Institutet. "We discovered that an increased frequency of erections leads to more fibroblasts that enable erection and vice versa, that a decreased frequency results in fewer of these cells," says principal investigator Christian Göritz.

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